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Want your business to be focussed on your Customers without losing sight of business performance?

We can turn your desire to be more 'customer focussed' into reality and provide tangible improvements to your business results.


We developed our Customer dna™ blueprint and tool to focus on the areas that make a real difference to you and your Customers. It enables us to:


  • Understand your business from a Customer's perspective
  • Cut across your business quickly - investigating key Customer plans, processes and their performance
  • Identify gaps and opportunities - using this approach combined with our experience
  • Provide practical insight and recommendations to improve your Customer Management performance and capabilities
  • Give you confidence to prioritise next steps
  • Deliver a step change in business performance


If you have a more specific challenge – from retention, segmentation or contact management. We can...

  • Provide a 'hot spot' rapid review of your organisation
  • Focus on your specific challenges and recommend quick wins
  • Develop an integrated Customer contact strategy focussing on the most important proactive and reactive contacts
  • Create increased value from your Customers by identifying potential and the opportunities to realise this additional profit
  • Improve retention by understanding which Customers are leaving …why and when…..and the strategies to tackle this.


No matter what level of support you require we can help you to unlock the potential of your Customers.

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We can help you tick all the boxes


  • Customer strategy clear & incorporated into KPI's
  • Target customers defined
  • Customer value agreed across business functions
  • Customer expectation understood and measured
  • Proposition developed from customer need
  • Marketing integrated across channels
  • Effective Key Account Management
  • Contact strategy implemented
  • Customer retention, conversion & cross sell activities optimised
  • Data strategy in place
  • CRM Programme management implemented
  • CM Skills and capabilities in place
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