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Managing Customer Development

We have found few organisations that are realising the full potential of Customer cross and up sales.

Whether by increasing add-on levels or by securing additional products and services, to broaden a Customers relationship, your business will benefit from:

'Our approaches have doubled Customer marketing sales for some of our Clients'

  • Lower marketing costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher conversion levels
  • Improved retention / resell rates
  • Basically, getting more for less!

Kinetica can help you step change your Customer marketing by focussing on:

  • Your propositions and pricing – do they support a Customer’s progression across your product range and priced to encourage Customer development?
  • Your customer contact strategy – do your Customer interactions work hard enough to develop your Customer relationships, deliver your brand experience and continue to convert and retain your desired Customers?
  • Your staff - are they delivering the right service and capturing the necessary data to provide the foundation for future, cost-effective Customer marketing?

If you want to make a step change to your Customer Marketing performance, we would like to help you do it. Please contact us.