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We use our Customer dna™ blueprint and tool to evaluate and benchmark your Customer Management capabilities and identify gaps and opportunities.

This diagram shows the scope of the full Customer dna™ model, reflecting the critical and interconnected “Strands” of great Customer Management.


Customer dna


Each organisation is unique and so are its Customer challenges. We can rapidly carry out a diagnostic to understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve your Customer Management and business performance.

There are a number of ways we can use the Customer dna™ approach:


Customer dna™  Health-check
This rapid diagnostic provides a high-level insight into your organisations Customer Management strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Our advise can be focussed on either a specific business challenge (e.g. Sales, Retention, Proposition...) or cut across your organisation focussing on the “hot spot” activities, which make the biggest difference to your Customer and business performance.


Customer dna Blueprint
This very detailed Customer Management evaluation provides a diagnostic of your business across the whole of the Customer dnamodel, pinpointing your current performance, capabilities and gaps.

We deliver a detailed review of current practice (gaps and opportunities) and identify practical, prioritised recommendations to improve your performance.


We help organisations understand and unlock the potential of their Customer dna code. 




Drivers of great Customer management


We define the key CM activities as “STRAND”:


Sales & Conversion – making it easy to close that sale


Targeting – being clear on

your target customers


Retaining - the most attractive customers


Additional products – maximising the potential


Never knowingly inefficient


Data optimisation - building an understanding of your customers and managing their information